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How many images do I need?

Ultimately this is up to you to decide, but in the case of Amazon you are allowed 9 images.  Some of my clients purchase only 1 or 2 images per product while other will purchase 10 or more.  


What resolution will my images be and will they meet Amazon's minimum standards?

You images will be delivered in 300ppi resolution.  Amazon has a minimum requirement of 1000px and suggests images be 2000px or more on the long side for proper zooming in.  While each image is slightly different, my images will usually be anywhere from 3000px to 6000px on the long side. 


I need standard product images on pure white backgrounds, but I also would like something more creative.  Can you provide something like this?

I enjoy producing creative images for my clients.  This is one of the best ways to make your product stand out from the competition.  Amazon only requires your main listing image to have a pure white background your other images have much more latitude.  Since creative images require much more time and skill to produce,  each image or set of images will be billed based upon a quote that I provide on a per job basis.  There are so many different things to consider for each project that make it impossible for me to offer creative images at one set price.


Can you produce lifestyle or "in use" images?

It depends.  Many times I can produce images like these but it is on a case by case basis.  We would need to discuss you needs and wants for the image.

Can you shoot my product with a model?

Unfortunately I do not provide this service at this time. However, I can produce images of your product with a hand model for an additional $10 per image.  


I live in "Timbuktu".  So how do I get my products to you and how do I get them back?

After we have corresponded about your project I will provide you with an address where you can send your products.  Once the final images have been delivered, your products will be returned if requested for actual shipping costs.  You may also provide UPS or Fedex account information (or prepaid return labels) if you would like me to simply bill your one of these accounts.  Otherwise a separate invoice will be sent for the reimbursement of shipping charges.  I should also note that many of my clients decide not to have their products returned as they don't want to pay for shipping and/or they would like me to hold onto the product just incase they may want more images of the product down the road.  I do store products in a non air-conditioned space and while I'd love to be able to store your products for you indefinitely, I only guarantee their availability for 45 days.


How should I prepare my product to ship to you?

Shipping is often overlooked by many of my customers, but it is very important that you take care to pack your products carefully.  Please do not just toss them in a padded envelope and hope they arrive in good shape.  Select the best looking products you have and if possible include up to three of each product.  Protect each product like you are shipping fine china (which I would also be happy to photograph)!  All products have minor imperfections, and I can do a lot in post processing to clean a product up.  But starting with a clean and undamaged product will make my job easier, you will get your final images sooner, and ultimately result in a better image.   While I don't recommend it, you can send me your product direct from Amazon.  Unfortunately I often receive products from Amazon that are not shipped to avoid scuffing and dings, and may times I find Amazon labels have been applied directly to the product (and almost never in a inconspicuous area).  If this does occur there may be a small charge for increased cleanup and post processing.