Traditional Commercial Advertising

Traditional commercial/advertising jobs will be bid on a case by case basis.  After receiving your brief and discussing the nature and scope of the project, I will prepare a detailed bid for your approval.  Please note that one of the biggest factors in pricing a job of this type is use and rights to the images produced.

Private Label & General Product Photography

I have special rate options for private label & general catalog/e-commerce photography.  Typical shots on pure white backgrounds start at $39 per single image.  This price includes retouching and goes down the more your order.  The retouching includes things like label straightening, repairing minor manufacturer defects, and cleaning up any lint or dust present after the product has been wiped clean. Just about all products I photograph need a little work to make them look spectacular. Iā€™d say the retouching of a product accounts for 50% or more of the time needed to produce an image and this is what sets my images apart from others. If your product requires more extensive editing you there will be additional charges.

If you require something a little different but are not quite ready for a full blown advertising campaign, rates will be slightly higher based upon the work involved.  I also offer extra post production/photoshop work at a rate of $50/hour with a half hour minimum.  Examples of this type of work would be placing a product on a stock image background or in the hand of a stock image model.  This work will be quoted after you send me the stock image (or comp) and we have had a chance to discuss your needs.  In the past I also provided stock imagery as a part of this service, but after consulting a copyright attorney about the potential copyright issues involved I was advised against it.  Basically I am allowed to modify any image you have purchased, but I can not sell an image I have purchased to you without purchasing a different license and therefore raising the cost dramatically.  You must own, purchase or have the rights to use the stock image that I use.  I am happy to work on any image you send, but it is your responsibility to make sure you are following appropriate copyright law.

Ordering Options

I provide images on a sliding scale (details in the right sidebar).  The number of images is per product or per very similar products that don't require vastly different lighting and camera adjustments.  In most cases I recommend you send me your product(s) first so that I have the opportunity to give you recommendations on images.  Some of my clients know exactly what they want, which is great, but a large majority of my clients need some help deciding how many and what kind of images they want. So I am happy to provide advice on this based upon my past experience shooting for other clients.   Once we determine a shot list I will send you an invoice which may be paid for online. Orders over $200 require a 50% deposit with the remainder due upon image approval.

When you are ready to start the process I recommend that you fill out this form with as much information as possible.  A little extra time here will save time for both you and myself, and you will end up receiving images that you are likely more happy with than if you had not taken the time.  I have found a complete form also tends to speed the process up so that I am not having to take extra shots or re-edit images.  This means you get your final images sooner and can use them to start selling ASAP!

After you contact me by filling out the form (preferred) or by email or phone I will contact you either by phone or email to discuss the project.  We will discuss your needs and determine a shot list. These are the shots that you will see in your proofing gallery.  I will email you with a link to the images as soon as they are available.  If at that time you are happy with the images you will be sent a link to a Dropbox folder where you can download the high resolution images.  Images are provided as high resolution jpgs unless another format is requested.  You may also request changes such as re-edits, different shot angles or compositions, etc. at this time.  I offer up to two separate "change orders" if necessary.  I am also happy to discuss the images with you by giving my honest opinion and advice.  

I also offer products on transparent backgrounds (PNGs) for an additional $3 per image.  These cut out images are top quality and not like some of the jagged disasters you may have seen on Amazon or elsewhere.  While no cutout is technically 100% perfect, I do my best to make these as close to perfect as possible.  If you are sure you want all or some of your images with transparent backgrounds I will simply add this charge to your invoice.  If you would like to decide to add this service after you have seen the images I will just send you a separate invoice for the background removal.

How long does the process take?

My average turnaround time for most products is 3-5 business days from when I receive both your payment and products based upon my normal volume.  Some products like very reflective products or unique items may require additional time.  If for some reason there is a delay or I foresee your images taking longer than usual, you will be notified as soon as possible.  If you require a specific completion date please let me know in advance.

What if I don't like the images?

I offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your images after I have made every attempt to satisfy you.  Most of the time my clients are happy with their images the first time they see them.  Sometimes a client might request a few editing changes like brightening or darkening an image or part of and image, or perhaps a minor tweak here and there.  And occasionally  I will even reshoot an image if a client requests a change that can not be easily remedied through post processing.  

Filling out my questionnaire completely and providing me with the most information possible goes a long way towards helping you get exactly what you are looking for and in the quickest  time possible.


General Product Photography


Price per single product or very similar products:

  1 image................. $39 ea

  2-3 images.......... $35 ea

  4-5 images.......... $32 ea

  6-8 images.......... $30 ea

  9+ images............ $28 ea

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